The Dairy Shorthorn is the oldest registered breed of cattle in the United Kingdom dating back to the end of the 19th century. The cattle are a predominantly red breed, but also come in red and white as well as a blend of the two colours known as “roan”.

The Marleycote Cows
The Marleycote Cows
This native breed of cattle is particularly superior for:

They have a strong link to the north-east, as they were developed and were prolific in the region up until the 1960's, when the black and white Holstein was introduced to the country and gained favour for its higher milk yield. However while others were changing their breed of dairy cow we remained loyal to the breed which has served us so well, believing in “quality over quantity”.

Because we do not consider high levels of milk production as a primary goal but consider overall condition and quality of our cows of greater importance, this is reflected in the overall welfare of our animals.

The Ayrshire breed originated from South West Scotland and was first recorded in the 1870’s This breed is any shade of red or brown including mahogany and white. Ayrshire cows are characterised by:

The milk from the Ayrshire, like the Dairy Shorthorn, has a high yield of butterfat and protein, which contributes to a much sought-after taste.